Friday, February 11, 2011

No Words

I have sat down many times to tell you about this week, to share my heart with you and offer a glimpse of the greatness of our God, but the words won't come.  The wounds are raw and the tears still sting.  My sweet friend, who has come to me for advice and encouragement as she began her journey of motherhood, has lost her precious baby girl. 

This is not the first time that tragedy has struck close to home.  Yet once again I watch from the sidelines as those in the heat of battle proceed with a strength, peace, and joy that draws me to my knees.  I want to know Him so intimately that even when I can't see His ways, I trust His heart. 

When my words fail me, I turn to music.  There is a Point of Grace song that has carried me through many tough days.  Below is the Nichole Nordeman rendition.  I pray that it comforts your heart as it has mine. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seven Years Ago

You know that moment? That moment when your life suddenly becomes so much more.  That moment when everything you thought you knew suddenly turns upside down.  That moment when your heart aches and loves in a whole new way. Because in that moment, you became a mom. 

It's hard to believe that moment was seven years ago.  I remember it like yesterday.  I will forever be grateful that this baby girl gave me the gift of motherhood. 

Paige demands structure, exudes energy, and avoids attention. She loves skateboards, soccer, gumballs, and reading.  She spends her days playing in the mud puddles, climbing trees, jumping off swings, and catching bugs.  She just does it in "high heels" and a dress. 

You dare not get in her way when Paige's mind is made up to do something.  She doesn't take lightly to people messing with her plans. 

She has also been known to blow a spelling or math test just to make a point. Though you will never get her to admit to such a thing

Our "Pegs" is here for a purpose.  I don't know what that is quite yet, but everyday she reminds me that she was created for BIG things.  God didn't put all of that determination into one little body for nothing!  I am so proud to call Paige Elizabeth my daughter and I am so excited to see who she will become. 

Happy 7th Birthday Pegs!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Apparently, I have had my head in the sand or maybe I'm just too sheltered.  One way or another, I am in shock.  To say that I had no idea is an understatement.  I am honestly still having a hard time wrapping my mind around all that I have read here.  (Take a minute and read it for yourself.)

I knew that sex trade was an issue.  In far away places.  Not here.  Not where I live.  The things that are done to these girls is sickening, but the idea that our own country is taking part inexcusable.  A country that represents freedom to so many is offering slavery to thousands.

In the wake of this disgusting news, my emotions want to curl up in a ball and cry for these precious girls, but that will do nothing to save them.  So I will pray.  With everything in me I will cry out to their Creator and plead for Him to do miraculous things on Sunday and everyday after. And while I pray I will participate in Project Love Day. Because, for now, that is all I can do.  I hope that you will join me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Gift

I don't like to be cold.  I hate when the snow starts to melt and the slush soaks the ends of my jeans.  I would rather spend my days under a blanket than in a ski lift, but the truth is that winter without snow is dead and ugly.  Every year, winter begins and the complaining ensues. Wishes are cast, threats are made, and prayers are said.  Anything to keep the snow away.  But the rest of the truth is this.  Underneath all of the snow lays the death of summer.  In this overwhelmingly complex universe, there is a necessity for seasons.  Like it or not winter must come.  So what if instead of hating the snow, we were grateful for the gift.

Last week, my first grader came home from school with a note from her teacher on her daily calender saying that she had trouble paying attention and keeping her feet off the desk.  This was the first time in three years of school that we have ever had a note regarding behavior and let's just say, it didn't sit so well......for Paige.  Arms crossed she looked at me and said "Cross it out!"  Oh, no!  We will do no such thing.  You see, her daily sticker was still on the chart right beside the note.  A sticker that she most likely should have lost for her poor listening skills.  That sticker was a gift.  A gift of grace.

All too often I find myself staring into the face of grace frustrated by it's presence. Like an Israelite with a bowl full of manna, I am so caught up in my self I miss the gift in front of me.  Grace may not always look like we expected, but that doesn't lessen the value.  So as a blizzard swirls outside, I am grateful for each unique flake.