Thursday, February 3, 2011


Apparently, I have had my head in the sand or maybe I'm just too sheltered.  One way or another, I am in shock.  To say that I had no idea is an understatement.  I am honestly still having a hard time wrapping my mind around all that I have read here.  (Take a minute and read it for yourself.)

I knew that sex trade was an issue.  In far away places.  Not here.  Not where I live.  The things that are done to these girls is sickening, but the idea that our own country is taking part inexcusable.  A country that represents freedom to so many is offering slavery to thousands.

In the wake of this disgusting news, my emotions want to curl up in a ball and cry for these precious girls, but that will do nothing to save them.  So I will pray.  With everything in me I will cry out to their Creator and plead for Him to do miraculous things on Sunday and everyday after. And while I pray I will participate in Project Love Day. Because, for now, that is all I can do.  I hope that you will join me.


  1. Erin, I am honored to have you a part of this. Thank you for sharing your emotional honesty.

  2. thanks for this post....i too didn't realize that something like the superbowl would attract this kind of business. i feel like locking our girls up in a closet for the rest of their life!