Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mama's Sick

That's right, you heard it here first.  This mama's SICK!  I have fought off the runny nose-sore throat-head in a vice germs for months on end, but at last I have succumb. 

Of course this misfortune must come on the same day as Ohio State's Bowl Game.  Try as he might, my dear husband has zero ability to hear ANYTHING that is happening when a football game is on.  Trust me.  I banged quite a few dishes around in the kitchen.  I even sighed loudly as I carried laundry in to fold.  Still...nothing.  He really does mean well.  He attempted to help with bedtime, but all three of those ankle bitters insisted on "mommy" putting them to bed.  He told me to go to bed as soon as he got home, but really?  Can you imagine what the house would look like by morning??? 

I could have asked for help.  I should have asked.  Isn't that what my mother has been hammering into my head for the past 9 years?  "He doesn't see what you see.  You have to ask him."  Had I asked, he would have done it all willingly.  What is it about him offering to help?  Someday I will get over my pride and just ask.  For now... I will sip my tea, blow my nose and lay on the couch until I inevitably dose off to sounds of scarlet and grey.  Maybe tomorrow I'll let Starbucks make my tea.


  1. First of all... SO sorry that you're sick. Moms should never get sick.
    Secondly, I totally hear you on the asking/offering. If I ask, he will do it, but he seems to miss all my hints. Your mom is right.
    And Last, but certainly not least, you should definitely let starbucks help you heal tomorrow. :)

  2. Ugh, I'm so with you on this one. Chad always helps when I ask, never complaining. But can't he just notice that the counter is full of dirty dishes? Or that there are still dinner dishes on the table? Or that there are 3 baskets of clean clothes/laundry on the bed? Nope. He doesn't. But I suppose if I went to his work I wouldn't just know all that he's in the middle of and how I can pitch in without guidance. It's so hard to ask though.

    By the way, I'm new to your blog - I love it! :)