Monday, January 10, 2011

Joy Abounds

Whew!  Glad to be moving on and in turn...up. 

In the fall of 2000, I moved car load of belongings into Hauser Hall on the TUFW campus a mere 20 minutes from my parents house.  Crazy, right?  I might agree with you. But I can't.  Every penny that I spent to live in that tiny dorm room was worth it and the friendships that formed inside those cinder block walls are priceless. 

I only lived on campus for one year.  I only attended Taylor for 3 semesters.  In that time there were camping trips, heart to heart talks, midnight Stake-n-Shake runs, pranks (mostly mine), heartbreak, crushes, a trip to San Fransisco, and loads of laughter.  My roommate and I were often confused for sisters/cousins/childhood friends though we had never met before that sticky day in September.  Our neighbors across the hall and next door were nothing less than exactly what I needed.  These friendships were easy.  They challenged me.  They laughed with me.  They loved me.  And I loved them. 

Our lives have taken twists and turns. Some of those friends I haven't talked to in years.  Some I see regularly.  In either case, I am grateful that my life was touched by theirs.  They taught me the joy of friendship. 

Last week I had dinner with two of those dear friends.  We talked about motherhood, marriage, bible study, and life.  Then we laughed until we cried.  Right in the middle of the Children's Place. Over absolutely nothing.  Because that's what we do. 

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