Thursday, June 16, 2011

They Speak

I have a friend who does a weekly post of the crazy things her kids say.  While I am not committing to do this on a regular basis, my little's have had quite a few good ones lately.  Maybe this will add a little sunshine to a rainy day.

Me: Are you excited to go to the beach next week?
Brooklyn: No.
Me: Why not?
Brooklyn: The crabs.

(Leaving the park in a rush after it started raining)
Paige: Mom, is it hard to take care of three kids?
Me: Why?  Does it look hard?
Paige: No.

Emerson: Me a boy.
Me: What is mommy?
Emerson: Mommy a girl.
Me: What is Daddy?
Emerson: Daddy a monkey!

(Brooklyn was watching me clean out the seeds of a cantaloupe)
Brooklyn: Ew! That is a gross job!  Will I have to do that when I'm a mom?
If she only knew the grossness that lay ahead!


  1. Emerson's is definitely my favorite!!

  2. It's a fun way to document what comes out of their mouth!! :)