Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Rest of the Story

A few weeks a go a friend called with a free ticket to the David Crowder Band.  In my exhausted Friday afternoon state I almost declined, but Adam urged me to go.  A girls night might do me some good.  Plus, he wanted a few hours alone with his XBOX.  Sigh. 

Half excited and half exhausted, I made my way to the concert.  I received my ticket only to realize that Laura Story would be opening for Crowder. Suddenly, I was beyond excited.  No offense David, but Laura is my girl.  We have shared many tear filled worship sessions in my minivan over the past year.  If you don't know, Laura Story wrote the song "Blessings".  If you don't know the song, Google it.  Now.  Anyway, Laura took the stage and she owned it.  She was funny, wise, humble, and downright amazing.  I bought her new CD that night and that has inspired this post. 

On her new album, there is a song called "Your Name Will Be Praised".  It is fun and upbeat and towards the end she says something that rocked me to my core.  The bridge says "For who you are/ For what you've done/ For what you've yet to do".  Earth shattering, right? I know.  This shouldn't be a new idea.  Maybe I've been spending too much time with Beth Moore or maybe I've focused too long on the "It is finished" theme of the bible, but whatever the cause, I was shaken.  HE'S NOT DONE! There's more!  We haven't seen it all.  We haven't even read it all.  The end may be decided but the journey isn't over!!  If I could reach through this screen and shake you I would!

I think that I have read the bible as a beginning and an end.  I am living life in a holding pattern.  Waiting for the time-out to be over.  In my head, I know that He is still working.  I believe that He is performing miracles.  I have seen His hand in my life.  Even so, I have lost the excitement for what He has yet to do.   This story isn't over.  We've just read the last page.  I can't wait to see what's coming on the pages in between!!

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  1. You really convicted me with, "Even so, I have lost the excitement for what He has yet to do." thanks for encouraging me today with your words, Erin.