Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh, boy!

Today Emerson turned three.  I had our whole morning planned out.  Starbucks, party supply shopping, Build-a-Bear, Auntie Anne's and a birthday cookie.

Emerson had plans to ride an elevator.  He failed to share those plans with me.

I was watching him.  My eyes never left his little body as he walked down the rows of shoes at Macy's.  When he ducked into an alcove, I watched until he popped back out and continued down the row.  When he got to the second doorway, I expected the same but he never popped back out.  I went after him thinking he would be hiding in the corner.  He wasn't there.   An elevator door stared back at me.  When the doors opened the revealed an empty shell.  My baby was gone.

The next ten minutes might as well have taken three days.  The Macy's managers and security team scrambled over the first and third floors searching for my boy.  I stood helpless in the hallway watching the elevator doors open and close with no sign of my baby.  Finally they call came that they had found him.  In the bathroom.  Downstairs.  Crying.  Back in my arms, sucking his thumb I asked him why.  "I wanted to ride the elevator." Oh, sweet boy!  How will I ever survive you!?! 

Last week Emerson put on the girls nail it was lip gloss.

I guess nothing should surprise me with this little ninja.

We really did have a great day.  Other than that 10 minutes or so.



and Auntie Anne's

This little boy has stolen my heart.  I can not imagine spending my days without him.  As crazy and tired and stressed as he makes me, I wouldn't trade him for the world.  Emerson Neil, you are my favorite little buddy.  You are smart and funny and absolutely adorable.  If you are grown and reading this, go out and buy be a really nice and expensive present. You owe me.

Happy Birthday Crazy Boy!!

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  1. Aww! Glad he's ok - what a scare!

    Happy Birthday, sweet boy. XOXO