Monday, March 21, 2011

When Good Intentions Go Bad

Sometimes, my quest to balance life sends me in a tailspin.  This may be one of those times.  Months ago, I was approached by a childhood friend asking me to do a MARK party to help start her business.  Perfect!  I NEED to reconnect with my friends and this could be fun girls night.  Wine, chocolate, coffee, make-up, and friends.  Who could turn that down?!? 

Knowing that March was the best month for my friend's business, I picked a date and sent the invites.  No problem.  It's March.  What could possibly be going on?  Nothing, other than the Book Fair at Paige's school which I volunteered to staff.  Nothing, other than Adam's big project for Writing for Engineers.  Nothing, other than a clothing resale that I sold, shopped and worked at for much of last week.

If I didn't need this night so badly, I would reschedule.  That, however, is NOT happening!  I will have girl time if it kills me.  I will have wine and chocolate and a side of laughter.  My carpet may have puppy stains, my shelves may have dust and my counters may have clutter, but my soul will be fed.

The finger smudges on my front window, pen marks on the hallway wall, and discarded toy collection under the couch make me hesitant, but we are called to be hospitable.  To leave the kitchen and gather in the living room where relationships are nurtured and hearts are encouraged.  And this week, there is no place I'd rather be.

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  1. I'm looking forward to being there too! And don't you worry - we won't notice the smudges - we'll be way too thankful for the laughter (ok, and the chocolate!)