Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Through Her Eyes

Today I took Brooklyn to the dentist.  My mom came over to watch the other kids and, since she had parked me in, I drove her car.  As Brooklyn climbed out of the car she said "Mom, I love how these seat belts go back so quickly.  They are so nice!" As I smiled, both inside and out, I couldn't help but think of how much this 5 year old girl inspires me.  Brooklyn appreciates things that most of us don't even notice.  The curtains in a hotel, tile in a lobby, sparkles on the floor of Forever21, chandeliers in a jewelry store.  Sometimes I focus on the challenges of her sensitivity.  The crying, the whining, the hurt feelings.  Today, I was reminded of the good her sensitivity brings.  Brooklyn is grateful.  I hope that she stays that way.  I hope that she always appreciates the beauty around her.  I hope I become a little more like her.  

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