Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ten years of marriage.  3,653 days of learning.

Learning that he would rather eat cereal than most any meal. 
...... to button the top button on his shirts when I hang them. 
......the correct way to remove a seat belt (still working on that one)
...... to identify the sound of him gagging when the diaper is too gross
....... and getting there before it's too late
........that the draft will ALWAYS fall on our anniversary weekend. 
........ to fall asleep before the snoring begins. 
........ the art of wrinkle free sheets
........they ways he feels loved
........the delicate art of fighting fair tag team the chaos

The list could go on and on.  And it will.  We will never stop learning and we will never stop needing to learn.  This thing called marriage is tough.  Ten years ago we began our lives together in a little townhouse with empty closets and little furniture.  Now, our closets are full, we've outgrown our house, and there are three little ones following us around.  This adventure has only just begun!

 Wherever this road may take us. Whatever the future holds. I am glad I get to walk it with you.  No one else would make it worth the ride.  No one.

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