Sunday, May 7, 2017

January : Embrace Quiet

"Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him." 
Psalm 62:5

January challenged me to Embrace Quiet.  I'll give you a moment to stifle your laughter.  

Quiet and I don't get along.  My life is not quiet.  My brain is not quiet.  My mouth is certainly not quiet! In college, I avoided the library at all costs.  I studied in the lounge with all the chaos possible.  My grades may or may not have reflected such choices.  

Needless to say, this month tested me. Coming out of Christmas, we enter one of my busiest months at work and two birthdays in our house. I realized quickly that even when my surroundings are finally still, I am anything quiet.  My body can rest, but mind and spirit are always spinning.  Planning, solving, rehashing, digesting.... I don't stop.  Ever.  There are times when the radio is off for most of the day and I drive around completely oblivious.  I can't hear the silence over the noise.

I wish I could say I mastered stillness.  Most days it was just a fleeting attempt.  Deep breaths while I drove,  a quick reciting of this months verse, a choice to limit unnecessary errands or avoid unfruitful conversation.  Even still, I'm going to graciously call it a win.  I still struggle to sit in the silence, but I can say that I found my perspective changed when I gave myself the chance to be still.  When I use the quiet to let God speak, he cuts away the noise that distracts and speaks truth over my lies.  I will most likely forever prefer the noise, but I am learning the value in the quiet.  Beyond that, I was mindful.... and that's something!

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