Sunday, September 4, 2011

Less of Me

I'm a doer.  Ask anyone who's known me for more than an hour and they will agree.  I love a good dilemma.  Give me a challenge and I will find the answer.  I thrive in situations that allow me to step in, calm the chaos and fix problems.  I most likely have an issue with feeling needed, but that's for another day.  Today, I am coordinating childcare for a women's bible study at our church.  Every year around this time, I find myself searching for workers.  I beg, I plead, I make promises I most likely cannot keep, and I stress.  To date, we have never turned a mom away due to lack of childcare.  So help me, I plan to keep it that way!  This year we have a waiting list and I am beside myself. 

You must first understand that I don't view childcare as an added bonus to our bible study, it's vital.  These women are just like me.  Spending their days doing the invisible work of raising little ones.  They come in on Thursday morning weary and empty, but they leave refreshed.  Two hours where they can let their guard down, share their hearts, and fill their souls with the One who will see them through the next 7 days.  Friendships are built, tears are shed, and women laugh. This is what I work for. 

Last week as a spreadsheet of little ones glared back at me, I prayed.  I prayed that He would give me the workers.  Emails, phone calls, and pleas had left me short.  I had done my part.  I needed Him.  By the next day, I had two new workers.  One of them a volunteer, which will allow our budget to take on even more kids.  As I worshiped in church today, the tears slid down my cheeks.  How many times until I learn this lesson?  Doing my part is futile if I don't give Him the chance to do His. 

Now, I am asking for a favor.  Even with our two new workers, we are short.  I know that He can bring the hands even when I don't see a way.  Will you pray with me?  As you are reminded through the faces of little ones, will you ask God to make a way for their moms to seek His face?  Will you ask Him for a miracle?  Because I will be expecting one.

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